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10 corporate gifting ideas you won’t forget in a hurry

Nothing succeeds like intelligent corporate gifting when you want to stay at the forefront of your clients’ minds. Strategic gifting builds strong and long-lasting connections when you choose gifts your recipients won’t forget in a hurry. But what’s the secret to choosing just the right gift for a long-lasting impression?

Choose a subscription box

The gift that keeps on giving, a monthly subscription box will be a subtle reminder of your business relationship every time a new box lands. Choose thoughtfully to ensure your box is an appropriate fit with the interests of your client and you’ll stay top of their mind throughout the year.

The gift of giving

Charity gifts can be a meaningful and strategic way of business gifting. Brand the experience with a card and ensure that any promotional products associated with the gift go directly to your clients for maximum impact.

Try healthy snacks

Healthy employees are more productive and creative employees, so why not gift healthy snacks that are gluten free or even vegan? Choose a snack box that can be branded with your logo for a fun corporate gift that everyone can enjoy.

Get fit

When you need a business gifting idea that yields long-term benefits for your clients, you need fitness related gadgets and subscriptions. High-end gifts like fitness trackers have an in-built ‘cool’ factor, deliver useful functionality – keeping employees fit, healthy and productive – and create a positive association between the product and your brand.

A good night’s sleep

Sleep deprivation makes us irritable and unable to perform at our best. The gift of a good night’s sleep may just be the perfect way to keep your brand in your client’s thoughts. From tech gadgets designed to create the perfect night’s sleep to good quality organic cotton pyjamas, this is thoughtful business gifting at its finest.

Stay calm

In the high stress atmosphere of the corporate world, a little zen can go a long way. A branded yoga mat means your client will have reason to thank you every time they take a little time to relax and breathe.

A great night out

Is there a hot ticket show in town, or a must see match? Gift your client tickets to see the big game or that brand new musical and then add a branded gift bag full of goodies to enjoy. A great night out is something anyone can enjoy and your clients will associate your brand with some unforgettable memories.

High tech

The coolest tech gadgets pull together automation and connectivity to add value for your clients. Branded powerbanks, wireless phone chargers and home automation hubs are all smart and thoughtful gifts that combine sleek design, functionality and quality. And that’s a surefire way to create a great impression and an enduring wow whenever your business comes to mind.

Make it personal

Corporate gifting can be a minefield, particularly if your client’s gifting culture is very different from your own. Sometimes a small hand delivered gift with a personal handwritten note shows special care and attention. Make the effort to go that extra mile and show your client you care and they’ll trust you and want to do business with you.

An enduring relationship

Sometimes the best gift isn’t the most expensive or even the most obvious. Look for clues to your client’s interests on their social media feeds then gift them the T-shirt they tagged or the gadget they said they loved. You’ll build deeper, longer lasting and more authentic relationships when you surprise and delight your recipients.


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