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How any gift will not do… “Gift Face” We have all been there

In 2015, Harvey Nichols’ Christmas campaign revolved around the idea of “Gift face” – the polite grimace that people pull when determined to be polite to a friend or family member that has gotten their gift wrong. “Gift face” is an interesting idea and one which families, friends and even businesses should be aware of so that they can avoid giving unwanted gifts to those who really matter. Not only is it awkward to have to pull a “gift face”, it’s also not pleasant to be on the receiving end of it, particularly when it comes to corporate gifting, given that this comes with an assurance that the money and thought that has gone into this strategic move has clearly not paid off.

Why send business gifts?

Client retention is a key issue for any successful business. Repeat clients spend more than new clients, generally, and an ongoing relationship with a client can help to bring in new clients through word of mouth. According to Harvard Business School, increasing client retention by just 5% can increase profits by up to 25%, whilst the famous Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule) in business states that 80% of all income and revenue will come from just 20% of clients. These clients are most likely to be your repeat customers.

Business gifting is important for client retention because it shows clients that they are important to the company. A thoughtful, personalised gift that comes at Christmas, or even at random, helps to keep the business fresh in the mind of the client, whilst a ‘thank you’ gift sends a strong message that you appreciate their business and loyalty.

What sorts of gifts?

Strategic gifting means sending gifts that are useful or will make the client’s life easier. It is useful to find out more about the interests of the client in order to give gifts such as these, for example, if a client is an avid golfer, personalised golf balls would be a fantastic gift. Gifts such as these will be used regularly and keep the business fresh in the mind of the customer, it is worth considering not branding these gifts with your own logo as these can seem ‘promotional’ and tacky and are more likely to find themselves into the nearest bin! Another great idea, and best used for completion of a project or at Christmas or the start of a new business year, is a luxury gift. Hampers, nice bottles of wine or chocolates or something original like a cheeseboard, help the client to feel pampered and taken care of. A McKinsey Study found that 70% of clients’ buying experiences are based on how they feel that they are being treated. A luxurious gift gives your business cachet with other luxury businesses.

When to gift

The simplest answer to this is ‘whenever you want’. Gifts given at major gifting times, such as Christmas and other major holidays, are considered standard and will always be welcomed. However, gifts given at random will surprise a client and make them feel that much more special, with the added bonus of putting the client in mind of your company specifically, at a less popular time for gifting.


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