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The Antidote to Impersonal Business Gifts

If you search online for “personalised corporate gifts” you would be bombarded with promotional companies offering you the absolute opposite.

Your choices of mugs, pens and coasters bearing your branding would be vast. But that is clearly not a “personal” gift as far as your recipient is concerned. It’s an obvious marketing exercise designed to increase sales. Expect a lukewarm response at best!

Business gifting that involves a generic, mass produced item does have its uses, such as trade shows. However, if this is about strategic gifting to win friends and influence people, it needs to be far more individualised.

This can mean starting with the end result. Instead of considering what your company could send, think about what your key customers would love to receive.

Individual interests and preferences

One avenue to explore as an antidote to impersonal business gifts, is something a little quirky or “off product”. This could seem unconnected to what you sell, but subtly branded with your corporate identity.

For example, your car showroom could commission tasteful gift boxes of quality golf balls with your logo on them, for customers of any gender who love that sport. Or your professional firm can have its branding added to hampers of retro confectionery if you know some of your customers have a sweet tooth.

Make sure the components of any corporate gifts you choose won’t offend religious or cultural sensibilities. For example if you have Muslim clients or staff, a gift box of confectionery should include only halal sweets.

Could some of your clients be big on staying healthy? An exotic fruit hamper may be more appropriate, or a gift voucher for a gender neutral spa session. Men like to be pampered too!

The next big thing

When keeping corporate gifting personal and impactful, there’s a lot to be said for doing research on what’s in and what’s on its way. This doesn’t have to be the latest iPhone! For example, the UK often follows behind the USA in terms of fun gadgets and gizmos. What’s “on trend” across the pond and can you get in first with a novel business gift?

Support local business

If your company takes a strong stance on ethics and corporate responsibility, you could buy individual and unusual items from local crafts people or farm shops, for example. Then subtlety mention the origins of the gift and that you support your local community. Such gestures can be warmly received and genuinely boosts your local economy.

Collectors’ items

You can also score serious “brownie points” with customers and staff, if you send out collectors’ items too. For example, Pandora is a very popular brand and regularly brings out new collections of charms.

Get up close and personal

Much comes down to knowing your customers well. These days, all interactions with your target audiences should involve careful segmentation and personalisation. Strategic gifting hinges on the same principles.

And getting it right can be as simple as engraving THEIR names on an item, alongside your company logo. Or, including a photo of your team with a handwritten and personal message saying how much you enjoy working with that client.

It’s the little, personal gestures that often speak the loudest and show what a caring and responsive company you are.


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