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Unique business gift ideas for entrepreneurs

Everybody loves a present, which is why corporate gifting is such a popular option. Whether you’re rewarding customer loyalty, recognising the effort a member of staff has put in or wooing prospective customers with a suitable gift, business gifting can be a great option. Not only do recipients enjoy receiving presents, but the right sort of present can represent your brand and values at the same time as being appealing, helping to strengthen the relationship between giver and receiver. If you want your corporate gifting to stand out for all the right reasons, take a look at our ideas for amazing business gifts for dynamic, vibrant organisations to send.

Represent your values in your strategic gifting

Is your organisation sustainable? Does a charitable ethos underpin your activities? Maybe you pride yourself on your caring outlook? Providing gifts which showcase what you’re about can help to build a positive picture of you, as well as benefit the receiver. Sustainable and green? Why not gift artisan foodstuffs (coffee, confectionary etc), harvested and packaged in an environmentally friendly manner? A caring organisation? A spa gift or similar could work really well.

Personalise your gift to the recipient

When it comes to gifting to other businesses, it’s important to recognise what’s important to them and create a gift which works well with their way of operating, values and structure. A more formal company, for example, is going to prefer more traditional gifts – often mementoes such as scale models of products, stationery items or ornaments are more appropriate. Less formal? Why not consider something fun and funky – a chocolate fountain for the team to enjoy or go-cart racing? Gifts need to be inclusive, so try, as far as possible, to select items or experiences which are accessible.

Money isn’t everything – know your audience

Some companies (for example those in the care, legal or financial sectors) may be unable to accept gifts of any sort for ethical reasons. Other companies may have strict guidelines in place which mean only small gifts are permissible. It is now relatively uncommon for companies to gift larger presents such as foreign holidays, cars or similar. Generally, sticking to gifts which are low in financial value but big on originality, aptness and appeal works better. Artisan crafts, experience days, activities or items to enhance well-being (for example yoga sessions, aromatherapy, gym passes or similar) are nearly always well received.

Timing matters when it comes to strategic gifting

Although the type of gift matters, timing is also of importance. Many companies tend to gift at Christmas, but the reality is that with a little thought, it’s possible to time a gift to coincide with anniversaries which matter to your customer or employee. Why not consider gifting on the anniversary a contract was signed, a major installation completed or similar? By getting creative with your corporate gifting and careful gift selection, it’s often possible to achieve far more with it than simply presenting the other party with a token of your appreciation.


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