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The idea of the ‘Happy Box’ was conceived in 2002
when, during a road trip across the States, a brown
cardboard box came to assume an unexpected
significance. Perhaps partly because of the
disproportionate amount of chocolate and alcohol
contained therein, this little brown box could always be
relied upon to raise a smile and became known as the
‘Happy Box’.

It prompted the thought that there should be a
Happy Box for everyone and for all events and sentiments –
beautiful gifts, creatively combined to be perfectly
appropriate to the occasion and guaranteed to
raise a smile.

Happy Box London was created with this ambition – to
offer you an antidote to impersonal presents. We’ve all
received them and we’ve probably all sent them.

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We’ve made it our mission to try to do better. To create
beautiful gifts that are full of real thought and
imagination. So, a Happy Box to celebrate a birth might
contain a soft Merino lambswool nursey cushion,
but also essential sleep oils to acknowledge the
new pressures of parenthood. A Happy Box sent to cheer
someone up might contain luxurious cashmere socks,
but also a box of handmade truffles to suggest one of the
simplest paths to happiness.

Our gifts are made from the finest quality materials
such as Italian leather, organic chocolate and Scottish
cashmere. We are proud that many are designed
and handmade in Britain and we make every effort to
support businesses that demonstrate a responsibility to
people and to the natural environment. So your Happy
Box might contain organic produce from English farms,
olivewood from sustainable groves or organic candles
made without paraffin wax. And the materials used to
create our own beautiful boxes are taken only from
sustainable forests.

All our gifts are hand-picked from some of the UK’s
leading established (and emerging) luxury brands, but it
is the Happy Box itself that we hope combines these
gorgeous products into something that will make
someone happy.

We might have changed a tattered old brown box for a
stunning lemon number, but the sentiment is as strong
as ever.


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