Gin Obsessed Selection Cocktail Gummies

Gin lovers won’t be able to resist this selection of gin-inspired alcoholic cocktail sweets

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(Please note this gift is only available to purchasers over the age of 18 years) 

The Gin Obsessed Selection of Cocktail Sweets by Smith & Sinclair 

Mixed just like a drink, these alcoholic cocktail sweets are made using top class spirits, syrups and real fruit.  The garnish-infused sugar coating gives a perfect balance of sweetness and flavour. 

For the gin obsessed, this selection of gin themed alcoholic cocktail sweets is a must. Enjoy your favourite gin cocktails as a sweet and still get the kick of a drink.  

Indulge in a Hibiscus and Negroni with Hibiscus sugar, classic Gin and Tonic with lemon sugar, Cherry and Hibiscus Bramble with cherry sugar and a refreshing Elderflower Gin Spritz with thyme sugar coating. With two of each flavour, there’s plenty to share. 

Each gummy holds a subtle kick at 7% ABV which is the equivalent to having ½ a shot of alcohol. So, no operating heavy machinery after eating these delicious treats…