Sweet Jasmine Mini Fragrance Sticks Reed Diffuser by Rituals

Sweet Jasmine mini room fragrance sticks with notes of fruity citrus & berries alongside peonies & warm sandalwood

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Create a sweet and romantic home ambiance with these luxurious fragrance sticks from Rituals Private Collection.

Based on a sparkling and vibrant fruity top note of fresh citrus notes and berries, leading to elegant blossoms like peony and muguet. Sandalwood adds elegance and warmth to the fragrance.

The beautifully designed glass bottle is also a stylish way to fragrance your home. The fragrance sticks give off a wonderful subtle fragrance without turning them around. However, if you’d prefer a more intense perfume experience, the sticks can be turned more often to suit your preference.

Enjoy an elegant and special atmosphere for up to 6 weeks.


Note: turning the sticks frequently uses up the oil faster.
Tip: Don’t use all the enclosed fragrance sticks for smaller rooms, or to make the oil last longer.